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FireStix Fastpitch is a fast pitched softball organization providing an atmosphere for athletes who desire a high level of competition, along with the opportunity to gain exposure to collegiate softball programs.

In order to achieve the goal of a competitive softball schedule at all age levels. The FireStix will play in tournaments throughout the nation. This sponsorship program will help with costs associated with playing during the softball season.

FireStix Fastpitch is a non-profit organization: Tax ID# 43-2088151

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Red Sponsor:  $600  –  Home Page Banner Ad  linked to Website or Email

White Sponsor:  $200Business Card / Logo Ad on the top of the Sponsors Page linked to Website and/or Email

Blue Sponsor:  $100Business Card / Logo Ad at the bottom of the Sponsors Page

Email your digital logos and website links to FireStix Fastpitch webmaster Greg Cruthers

Download the Sponsorship Form

White Sponsors


Blue Sponsors

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