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Age Group Team
14U Champions  Hurricane Fastpitch
14U Runner Up   Thundercats
16U Champions  Mid-Michigan Firestix 16u Cruthers
16U Runner Up Turnin2
18U Champions  Mid-Michigan Firestix 18u Babcock
18U Runner Up  Waterloo Ghosts


Age Group Team
14U Champions  Cardinals 01
14U Runner Up  Michigan Outlaws
16U Champions  Team Ohio - Red
16U Runner Up  Michigan Outlaws - Schultz
18U Champions  Michigan Thunder
18U Runner Up  Cardinal Heat


Age Group Team
12U Champions Team Michigan 
14U Champions  Michigan Sabercats Nelson
14U Runner Up  Mid-Michigan FireStix Kukla 
16U Champions  Michigan Outlaws Schultz
16U Runner Up  Michigan Sabercats 
18U Champions  Michigan Gold Rush 
18U Runner Up  ICE Black 


Age Group Team
12U Champions Michigan Batbusters
14U Champions  Turnin2 Black
14U Runner Up  Michigan Rebels Bell 
16U Champions  Finesse Blue
16U Runner Up  Cincy Static 98 Blue 
18U Champions  ICE Black
18U Runner Up  Finesse Blue 


Age Group Team
12U Champions Michigan Bulldogs 
14U Champions  Michigan Elite Black 
14U Runner Up  The Phoenix 
16U Champions  ICE Silver 
16U Runner Up  Finesse Black 
18U Champions  Michigan Batbusters 
18U Runner Up  Guelph Gators 


Age Group Team
12U Champions Team Michigan 
14U Champions  Indiana Thunder 
14U Runner Up  ICE Silver 
16U A Champions  Finesse Black 
16U A Runner Up  Michigan Athletics 
16U B Champions ICE Fastpitch Black
16U B Runner Up Oakland Sidewinders
18U Champions  Mid-Michigan FireStix 
18U Runner Up  Explosion Elite 


Age Group Team
14U Champions  Michigan Bulldogs
14U Runner Up  Adrenaline Fastpitch
16U A Champions  Finesse Black
16U A Runner Up  Oakland Sidewinders 
16U B Champions Lakeshore Storm
16U B Runner Up Michigan Batbusters
18U Champions  Michigan Vipers 
18U Runner Up  Michigan Lookouts